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Clients Testimonial

** Gayle is the absolute best there is out there. I took my first spin class with her three years ago - and have been a die-hard spinner since. Her classes are challenging yet the time flies by because you're having so much fun! Gayle brings the music, brings the rhythm and brings the energy - you never leave one of her classes without feeling amazing yet at the same time like you've never worked harder! Her blend of challenging spin drills with a wide range of upper body movements ensure you're getting a whole body workout - and her choreographies are simply on point! It is also a joy to be around Gayle - her enthusiasm, her energy and her smile are contagious and you can absolutely tell she loves doing what she does better than anyone else in the business!

Geneviève Lip, Toronto


** "If you are a busy professional looking for a total body workout in less than an hour you must try one of Gayle's classes! You will have the most intense yet completely satisfying workout of your life! She knows how to motivate and push you to your limit while still keeping it fun and creative. Gayle's enthusiasm for fitness is genuine as well as refreshing.  She is full of energy and never disappoints!  Her cool vibe and ability to help others meet their fitness goals makes her the best fitness instructors I've ever met!  This woman is simply amazing!"  Angenita D, Cambridge, Ontario

** "‎Gayle is one of the most energetic and creative instructors I know. Gayle's classes are always challenging and never boring; she pushes you to new levels in every class." 
Heidi Karremans, Cambridge

**  Gayle is an amazing, inspiring and motivational instructor.
Many years ago, I was hesitant to start a class at World Gym. I knew I needed a boost in my workouts. Gayle was the one!

I attended her spin class one evening and was hooked. She crushed all my fears of beginning something new. Gayle explains everything in great detail so you understand why you're doing it. She encourages you, pushes you even when you doubt yourself.  Not only is she motivating, she's entertaining with her music and dance moves. All you want to do is join in, work up a sweat and enjoy.  Gayle is the best instructor, health professional I've encountered thus far.  Keep it up, Gayle!
Christine Brown, Toronto, ON

**  High intensity! Motivation! Sweat! Gayle has the best boot camp and spinning class in all of Cambridge. I came to boot camp because I wanted more motivation and I love working out in the great outdoors. Gayle's classes are fun and the routines are always changing which makes it more interesting.
 Shelly Ackie, Cambridge, ON

** It is with pleasure I write to support Gayle Smith in her endeavour to qualify for support in establishing her own Fitness Centre. I am very fond of Gayle Smith both as Fitness Instructor, terrific Motivator, a very dedicated person to her Participants. She brings out the best in everyone.  I have been a Participant in Gayle’s Spin classes for several years. I have enjoyed the endless energy and enthusiasm portrayed by Gayle in every single class.  Gayle is the best Spin Instructor that I have had – bar none. She provides not only high energy Instruction, 

She is very entertaining and interested in the improvement of her Participants.

I am very interested in knowing where Gayle willing be instructing next and I hope it is in a Fitness Centre that she is operating. Gayle is a terrific asset to our Community in promoting fitness and inspiring people to do their best. I wish her the best in this pursuit and applaud all of your support.  Please feel free to contact me respecting support for Gayle.

 Vic Harrison, Cambridge, ON